Hybrid Modular Cleanrooms

Terra’s BioSafe Hybrid Cleanrooms are designed for rapid installation and compliance with ISO-14644, cGMP, BSL and other critical cleanliness standards. Our turnkey UL-listed systems feature customizable uPVC and BioSafe Hybrid wall panels, integrated filtration, and flexible design for any size or shape. Perfect for controlled environments, these cleanrooms offer seamless wall-to-ceiling transitions, moisture resistance, and are equipped for all utility connections. Consult with our specialists for tailored solutions.


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BioSafe® Hybrid Modular Cleanrooms are configurable to meet virtually any cleanliness requirement including BSL-rated, ISO 5+, GLP, USP, and Grade B, C, D, cGMP/EU build-outs. Turn-key systems include operation ready components including filter fan units, lights, power distribution modules, control panels, doors, windows, and pass-through chambers, all of which are readily available for immediate shipment.

Hybrid Modular Components

Terra’s BioSafe Hybrid Designs rooms are constructed from rugged, durable, ISO-rated materials resistant to scratches, dents, and corrosion. High integrity materials lower the cost of ownership when compared to traditional stick-built cleanrooms, which typically carry higher operational and maintenance costs due to annual repainting, re-caulking, dent and scratch repairs.  


Hybrid Wall Systems

Rather than a ceiling grid, the same wall panel material is used to create a hard ceiling, with cut-outs for lights and FFUs. 


Floor-to-Ceiling Coving

Coved corner pieces ensure seamless wall-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling conversions. Flooring is coved for easy cleaning and spray-downs.


Hybrid Integations

Customize your build with a wide selection of sterile rated doors, windows, furniture, passthroughs, interlocks, and pass-throughs.  

Turnkey UL-listed cleanroom system streamlines building permitting, installation and certification.
Seamless transitions between ceiling, walls, and floors allow for air-tight contamination control.
Supports FDA-grade sealant application to ensure a leak-tight system without cavities or crevices.

Terra Cleanroom Builds

Terra’s BioSafe Hybrid Cleanrooms are built from pre-cut, precisely engineered components requiring limited on-site modifications. Therefore, facilities can often complete installations on their own with the need for any special tooling or equipment. For turn-key builds, Terra can offer installations performed by a team of factory-trained, experienced technicians who quickly and effectively navigate on-site challenges.


Modular Hybrid Cleanrooms

Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms

Stick-Built Cleanrooms

Designed for Compliance

For companies considering the installation of a cleanroom, there are three primary design options: stick-built (brick-and-mortar), modular construction, and hybrid modular.  Each design methodology has distinct benefits; certain applications favor one design over the other, given the specific criteria for industry compliance. Before making a decision, it is important to consider certain design benefits and challenges that are inherited by each system.


Recessed Channel Bases & Utility Line Plenums

Compliant with cGMP, GLP, and ASTM standards, the pre-engineered wall panels feature sealed joints with cold welded seams to create a monolithic finish that eliminates cracks and crevices where microbes colonize.  All panels are installed onto an adjustable height, recessed channel base to ensure a level and flush interface between the wall and the finished floor. Pre-formed corner pieces eliminate the need for surface capping or flashing.  Suitable for operating temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius, the pre-fabricated, progressive wall panels are lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to install.  The wall panels include a plenum space to house utility and filling lines, providing the user with convenient access to gas, vacuum and water connections, along with duplex outlets, control panels, and phone jacks.

Walkable Hybrid Ceiling System

Terra’s BioSafe Hybrid Modular Ceiling System is composed of the same pre-engineered, pre-fabricated panels featured in our BioSafe Hybrid wall system, ensuring seamless wall-to-ceiling integrations.  The ceiling panels are available with standard cutouts for HEPA-filtered fan units, lighting, sprinkler heads, video cameras, fire alarms, electrical drop, and gas penetrations.  The entire ceiling system is walkable, allowing for easy access to equipment installed above the cleanroom and streamlined maintenance operations, such as HEPA filters change-outs.  The ceiling panels maintain a flush, seamless surface for easy wipe-down or spray-down.  The ceiling system is self-supported or suspended using a turnbuckle and hanger assembly, eliminating the need for a t-grid structure.  The ceiling panels meets cGMP, GLP, ISO 14664-1 and ASTM standards.


Ideal for USP 797 | USP 800 | BSL II+ 

BioSafe Hybrid Cleanrooms are readily compliant for Biosafety level II+ facilities that would previously specify stick-built designs. Hybrid systems allow for an equal degree of customization, and simple integration of the building's HVAC and exhaust scrubbing systems. When maintaining operator safety and BSL compliance is paramount, hybrid systems allow for all of the design essentials associated with stick-built systems, yet combine modular benefits that are favorable for medical devices, biotechnology, cell and gene therapy, tissue banking, and life science applications.


Seamless uPVC Panels

Terra’s BioSafe Hybrid Modular Wall Panels are composed of an aluminum honeycomb core encased in a uPVC-laminated steel shell.  The 2” thick panels adhere to ISO 14644-1 standard for ISO class 5 and below environments.  The uPVC laminate finish ensures a fully flush surface that is robust, easy to clean, and resists common disinfectants, acids and corrosives. Seamless transitions between the ceiling, walls, and floors ensure an airtight, closed system to prevent contamination influx.  


BioSafe® Modular Cleanrooms

BioSafe cleanrooms meet ISO 4 - 8 requirements for a sterile processing environment. Designs for single-pass, recirculating, or negative-pressure containment airflow.

USP 797 / 800 Compounding Rooms

Terra's All-Steel Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms include double-wall, all-steel, gapless panels that minimize cracks, gaps, and crevices where germs collect and colonize.


Biocontainment Laboratories

Cleanroom classifications include BSL-2, BSL-2+, BSL-3, ABSL-3, and BSL-4 with modular construction. Globally honored pricing, pre-assembled and tested before delivery.

All Steel BioSafe® Cleanrooms

Terra’s BioSafe modular all-steel systems meets cGMP, GLP, and BSL-1 requirements.  Each wall section is composed of two steel panels that snap together, with space in between for utilities, insulation and HVAC connections.  Wall sections are interlocked, end to end, to form a continuous interior surface with very fine seams that are caulked to form a complete seal. 


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As a pioneer in the critical environment industry, Terra Universal has developed and manufactured innovative solutions for over 45 years.  Combining high-throughput, automated fabrication equipment with a robust, active stock of raw materials, Terra is capable of producing cleanrooms of any design, size, scope, and complexity at industry-leading build times.

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