BioSafe® Modular Hybrid Cleanroom Components

Terra’s BioSafe Hybrid Cleanrooms are built from pre-cut, precisely engineered components requiring limited on-site modifications.  BioSafe Hybrid Designs rooms are constructed from rugged, durable, ISO-rated materials resistant to scratches, dents, and corrosion.


BioSafe® Hybrid Components 

Terra’s BioSafe Hybrid Cleanrooms are built from pre-cut, precisely engineered components requiring limited on-site modifications.  BioSafe Hybrid Designs rooms are constructed from rugged, durable, ISO-rated materials resistant to scratches, dents, and corrosion.

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Filter Fan Units

  • UL-listed, ISO-rated, and CE-marked
  • Thousands of units stocked for immediate shipment
  • Choose from room-side and top-side replaceable systems
  • Select from energy saving EC and standard AC motors
  • HEPA and ULPA filtered models
  • Battery powered
  • Integrated LED light and ionizer
  • Explosion-proof (Class 1/Division 1)
  • Reverse flow
  • Laminar flow terminal diffusers
  • Low profile and narrow footprint designs


Terra’s WhisperFlow® FFUs feature UL-listed components and built-in baffles for quiet operation. The three speed fan blower allows for low (590 CFM), medium (720 CFM), and high (800 CFM) 


Smart® WhisperFlow®

Smart® UL-Listed Fan Filter Units with electrically commutated (EC) motors and integrated network cards allow centralized fan control and 1% - 100% variable speed adjustment



Exhaust flow fan filter units convert any room into a negative pressure isolation or containment room. The HEPA filtered exhaust system is well suited for removing dust and particulate


In Stock Filters

Terra offers in-stock, prepackaged, and ready-to-ship filter replacements for HEPA, ULPA, and MERV pre-filters. When you order from Terra, you'll never worry about long lead times and stock outages 

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Cleanroom Windows

  • Select from BioSafe uPVC and stainless steel-framed systems
  • BioSafe design eliminates crevices where microbes colonize
  • Windows mounts flush to the cleanroom wall
  • CleanMount design installs in less than 5 minutes
  • Innovative clamping design eliminates drilling and hardware
  • Choose from single-pane or double-pane systems
  • Popular sizes are stocked for immediate shipment
  • Compliant with ISO 14644-1 and cGMP standards
  • Specialty fire-rated and smart-glass designs available
  • All models include a 0.5” thick tempered glass pane
  • Durable, robust, and built for long-term use

Window Configurator

Enter desired width, height and wall-thickness to instantly calculate pricing and custom specifications


BioSafe® Windows

BioSafe Windows include gapless, crevice-free designs to eliminate the harboring of bacteria or particulate


CleanMount™ Fire-Rated

Medical-grade, USP-compliant 316L stainless steel, compatible with all hospitals and aseptic environments


ValuLine Windows

Economical polypropylene frame windows, single or double panes, poly or glass viewing windows

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Cleanroom Doors

  • Choose from manual and automatic designs
  • Select sliding, swing-out, bi-parting and roll-up doors
  • BioSafe doors mount flush to the cleanroom wall
  • Popular sizes and styles stocked for immediate shipment
  • Compliant with cGMP, GLP, ASTM and ISO standards
  • Pre-hung designs streamline installation
  • Specialty fire-rated and high-speed systems available
  • Interlocking systems available for GMP spaces
  • Hermetically-sealed models available for BSL-rated areas
  • Stocked units feature full-length or partial windows
  • In-house engineering staff creates customized designs
  • Select from left-swing or right-swing orientations
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Pass-Through Chambers

  • Select from wall-mount or floor-mount models
  • BioSafe units feature rounded corners and autoclave-safe doors
  • Available Smart Pass-Through Features Include:
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Refrigeration
  • UV Sterilization
  • Automatic, hands-free doors
  • Key Card Readers
  • Biometric ScannersSmart units include an array of optional upgrades
All units include interlocks to prevent cross-room contamination and prevent simultaneous opening
Installation takes less than five minutes. No sawing, drilling, or cutting required.
CleanSeam chambers with continuous welds are designed to eliminate cracks and crevices where microbes proliferate
On-hand inventory encompasses many popular models; ready to ship.

Smart® PassThroughs

Smart CleanMount pass-throughs with electronic controls allow endless smart feature add-ons


BioSafe® PassThroughs

BioSafe® double-wall construction with removable, autoclave safe hermetic sealing doors.


CleanMount CleanSeam 

CleanSeam quick install and creviceless interiors for moderate sterilization requirements

value-pass-through-chamber_modelrt_2-1 (1)

ValuLine™ Pass-Throughs

ValuLine™ Pass-Through Chambers
are configurable with economical black acrylic, polypropylene, steel

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UL-Listed Cleanroom Control Systems

  • Powers complete network of FFUs, lights, duplex outlets
  • Scalable, plug-and-play system completely eliminates hard wiring
  • Streamlines room permitting, compliance and certification
  • Optimizes cleanroom relocation, maintenance and filter replacement
  • Supports rapid cleanroom installation for time-sensitive projects
  • Significant cost savings compared to standard, hard-wired systems

Standard Control Panels

Cleanroom control panels with fan speed controls, night mode settings and other system enhancements.


Smart® Control Panels

Advanced controllers enable fully automated fan filter control and facility-wide integration.


Modular PDMs

Power Distribution Modules speed up cleanroom installation with quick-connections for lights & FFUs. 


Cleanroom Monitoring

Monitoring systems record and report cleanroom temperature, humidity, and particulate levels.

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Cleanroom Ceilings & Lighting

  • UL-listed, ISO-rated LED panels stocked for immediate delivery
  • LED lights reduce cooling costs, exhibit longer life spans
  • Choose from white, amber, red and blue colors
  • Battery-powered LED emergency lights available
  • Germicidal UV lighting available for GMP, biologics applications
  • Teardrop and strip lighting for ISO class 4 and 5 environments

Lights & Panels

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LED Light Panels

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Ceiling Panels

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Fan Filter Unit Mounts

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Additional Cleanroom Accessories

  • GMP-compliant coved flooring
  • HVAC and modular air conditioning systems
  • Fire suppression and sprinkler systems
  • Talk through panels, and phone systems
  • Bumper rails and crash guards
  • Air showers, personnel air locks and equipment air tunnels
  • Access controllers: Biometric key cards readers, fingerprint scanners, and iris scanners

Heating & Cooling

Compare cleanroom air conditions, exhaust fans, air returns, and plenums for precise climate control 



Ultrasonic humidifier made of polypropylene to inhibit microbial growth and withstand chemicals


Exhaust Plenums

Provides cost effective, non permanent solution
for easier filter and light servicing


Air Showers

Browse a wide selection of airshower solutions including custom and ready-to-ship options

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Hybrid BioSafe® Cleanrooms

The next-generation of cleanrooms: hybrid cleanrooms modular components, stick-built design freedom, and BioSafe® characteristics for uncompromising cleanroom builds.


Compare Additional Cleanroom Styles and Applications


Modular Hardwall

Terra’s hardwall modular cleanrooms provide a completely enclosed, rigid freestanding structure with positive pressure air exhaust vents.


Modular Softwall 

Terra’s modular softwall cleanrooms feature strip-shield curtains, ASTM-rated powder coated frames, and portable configurations with mobile casters 


Traditional Stick-Built

Built-to-order designs for life science applications, such as bio/pharmaceutical applications that require a clean, sterile environment


All-Steel BioSafe®

Terra's All-Steel Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms include double-wall, all-steel, gapless panels that minimize cracks, gaps, and crevices where germs collect and colonize.


GMP Cold Rooms

Validated cold rooms maintain temperature range of 2° - 8°C. ranging from small walk-ins to high-capacity coolers

Explosion Proof Rooms

NFPA-rated explosion-proof enclosures for containment, insulated temperature control, fire-rated designs

Stability Testing Rooms

Designed for maintaining temperatures between 25°C and 40°C and humidity levels from 30% to 75%

Dry Rooms

Dry Rooms for lithium and EV battery testing, keeping humidity below 0.5% with dew points from 0°C to -60°C.