Cleanroom Service & Solutions Network

Terra's global network of architects, engineers, specialty consultants, lab planners, and subject matter experts ensures seamless integration of aesthetics, functionality, and floor planning for your multi-functional spaces.

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Partners | IPS USA

IPS brings a wealth of resources in technical consulting, architecture, and engineering when delivering cleanroom projects of various sizes and scopes. Specializing in various industries, from pharmaceuticals to education, IPS integrates state-of-the-art technologies with aesthetic facility concepts to support multi-use manufacturing.

Partners | TD Architects 

TD Architects, a part of Terra's network, consists of over 2,200 professionals across the globe, servicing diverse sector clients. They excel in USP 797 and USP 800 compliant designs, ensuring hospital pharmacies meet current standards for cell and gene therapy, therapeutic proteins, vaccines, and medical device manufacturing.


Partners | Haskell

Haskell stands out for its interdisciplinary approach, combining electrical engineering with architectural and construction expertise. Their focus on efficient, innovative electrical systems, life safety, and communication systems integration ensures optimal performance of cleanroom facilities across various projects.


Partners | HERA Inc

HERA Inc offers extensive experience in laboratory planning and design across academic, clinical, and R&D sectors. Their deep understanding of best practices and trends in laboratory environments enables them to deliver cutting-edge cleanroom solutions, with a particular emphasis on DNA laboratories and forensic sciences.


Full Service Design & Solutions

Consulting & Expertise

Terra's network includes specialized pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting firms who hold a track record of excellent service to public sector agencies. We are committed to providing a quality consultation and the valued services and expertise of a larger firm, while maintaining a personal touch and modest fees. Our industry-leading experts comprise many years of expertise in areas such as pharmacy administration, pharmacy law and regulation, issues management, risk management, modeling of healthcare delivery, and patient safety/quality improvement. 


Commissioning & Validation Services

Terra's cleanroom testing and certification services are designed to ensure the optimal performance of cleanroom filtration systems, clean air benches, laminar flow hoods, and other airflow-reliant systems. Our comprehensive certifications include airborne particle counts to assess the cleanliness level, HEPA filter velocity, and leak scans to ensure filter integrity, along with temperature and humidity checks for environmental stability. 


HVAC Engineering & Components

Terra offers innumerable integrations including filter fan units, humidity controls, lights, power distribution modules, control panels, doors, windows, and pass-through chambers stocked for immediate shipment


Architecture & Lab Planning

We offer a comprehensive solution for large-scale campuses, multi-use spaces, and integrated facilities. Our expertise encompasses labs, cleanrooms, and specialty environments that require strict compliance and seamless workflow between cross-functional spaces.


Get a Cleanroom Consultation

Terra offers fully integrated cleanroom engineering design, architecture, construction, and system integration. Rest assured, you'll have a single point of contact for delivering a complete solution.


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Combining high-throughput, automated fabrication equipment with a robust, active stock of raw materials, Terra is capable of producing cleanrooms of any design, size, scope, and complexity at industry-leading build times.

Global Vendor Network

Terra's network offers over 20 global sales regions and 80 major suppliers with a wide range of global shipping options, including door-to-door international delivery for brands such as Labconco, Thermo Fisher, Metro, Eagle, Biofit, and Germfree

cleanroom installers map-02 (2)